MenaceYFN . One of south London’s freshest up and coming young artists.

His urban upbringing has discernibly impacted his sound, bringing his  Bermondsey roots to the forefront of his artistic ventures. Being a first hand     witness to the ramifications of London’s current knife crime pandemic, Menace manages to uniquely encapsulate the inevitable pain and tribulations of being brought up in a grim part of inner city London through his gritty take on everyday life.

His social commentary has found home for its voice through hard hitting rap lyrics that are complimented by Dark energetic beats that chime with the undercurrent of struggle prevalent in London, the epicentre of which being his immediate surroundings.

His raw and unapologetic critique on a beat is most certainly unmissable, as Menace's sound is guaranteed to leave a mark. Despite this, Menace is still promisingly versatile, which has lead to him creating some brighter, more melodic tracks. His flow glides over afroswing style beats, but as expected - every track Menace makes still has its own fresh twist that is distinct to him. His uplifting energy gives credence to the sweeter side of life and shows a musician with a hopeful outlook despite the social odds being stacked against him.

His diverse musical skill makes h the perfect candidate for the competitive music business as a multifaceted talent who’s incoming success is certain to have an insurmountable impact on the industry as it stands.

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