MULANI MON£Y. A boss female who’s words emphasise power and status. Articulate with her word flow and sure to take the industry by a storm. 


She introduced to us the concept of ‘Salon Drill’, which is a unique style in which she utilises drill instrumentals to rap about her business - being a London hair dealer/ hair stylist. 

Her style is unmatched - from her quick witted punchlines to her eccentric quick stepping catchy flows. 


Her presence on a song is known - with her unique rapping style that makes her stand out from any other artist.


She stands for one of the things that every strong independent female should stand for - being able to make a mark in a male dominated industry.


Her music fuses both drill and trap to create a distinctive sound that no one else can create.


This is indeed a mans world, but MULANI MON£Y is here to show that females do indeed run the world, and can do everything a man can do just as well - and in some cases, even better!

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